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There is a new addition to my family! :)

029, originally uploaded by mysticspider77.

Meet my bug :)

It made me smile

"Christianity: The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Makes perfect sense."

"Perception is relative, get used to it." is one of my life motto's :)




I got my christmas present already and it is all installed, and I have done a couple lessons already of my new Rosetta Stone - French course :) I like it! It is very intuitive in how it was designed, it has been a lot of vocab and pronunciation and a few basic sentences and such, also a little bit of reading and writing as well.

My goal is to at the end of this all be able to watch the movie amelie, without subtitles and know what is going on and being said :D I know, not a very big goal for learning a new language, but a nice stepping stone :)

I haven't added the travel companion audio tracks to my iphone yet to listen to here at work, but will get around to that this weekend maybe :) The one thing I have noticed about the language is that the major difference in most instances the written version is way different than the spoken versions when you go from singular to plural :P

Oh well, it is all fun :) There are some sections coming up in the course plan that are more intensive reading/speaking so that will be the true test as to whether I am retaining it well or not :)

My first OMG moment was le poisson :D I started singing the song from the little mermaid and was like OOoohh.... so that is what they are saying :D

If I were a puppy....

apparently :)

What dog breed are you? I'm a Jack Russell Terrier! Find out at Dogster.com


Here's to the Past...

Thank you for reminding me of all that could have been, but never will happen.
Thank you for reminding me that there are reasons why we are where we are.
Thank you for reminding me about all of the good times along with the bad.
Thank you for reminding me why I stopped taking anything at face value.
Thank you for reminding me of loves lost, but also when they were found.
Thank you for reminding me that you guide us in the present.
Thank you for reminding me that history is not something that should be ignored.
Thank you for reminding me that it is ok to not rush through life.
Thank you for reminding me that history doesn't have to repeat itself.
Thank you for reminding me that friendships should be cherished.
Thank you for reminding me of what it is like to have a passion.
Thank you for reminding me of what it was like to trust someone.
Thank you for reminding me how to enjoy the hard times when they appear in the present.
Thank you for reminding me when I need to let go.
Thank you for reminding me of what to do when there is nothing left to try.
Thank you for reminding me of the power of imagination.

but most of all....

Thank you for reminding me what made me, ME!

Ode to the lost being reclaimed :)

Soo.... $605 dollars later I have a new drafting table, storage shelving, chair, and light headed to my house. I have over the past few weeks been finding a sheet here and there of old artwork, and realizing that I miss that part of my past. Somewhere along the way the joy of picking up a pencil or paintbrush left and that is a sad thing.

I found the book containing one of my favorite drawings of mine This is the picture and it made me smile, looking at projects that were tagged done, others that were sitting half way done, but it was my imagination brought to life. Then I thought about all of the watercolor things I have never shown anyone, and then I saw the dates, nothing since 2002.... no drawings, no paintings... nothing... So I thought it was high time I did something about it. I have started gathering up all of the supplies that I still have, and starting to get them all in the same location. This purchase is the last piece that is missing... a home to give all of this lost stuff.

Hopefully I will have something new to add to my galleries soon :) I hope that I haven't lost too much with all that time gone by :)

Mulberry Crisp.....

So what happens when "Throw Down with Bobby Flay" gets taken over by Tom Bergeron and it was a match against Angela Lansbury? Why a mulberry pie of course, because that makes complete sense.... *boggle* So Angela made the pie in no time flat, it was perfect! Tom kept sneaking pieces of it so she ended up with a very tragic looking pie, and with only minutes left on the clock (cuz it turned into an iron chef setting) dumped the mulberry pie into a blender, tossed it in a new pan, made a crisp topping mixture and tossed it in the oven, and in true TV cooking show magic, she waited 5 seconds, and pulled it back out completely baked and again a perfect creation :)

So yeah.... not sure what brought this on in a dream, but I haven't watched regular TV for over a week.... It was entertaining at least :)


It's Wii Time!

Well after a bit of help, I now know what my Wii number is :)

Sooooo if you want to add me, it is 1324-4958-8629-3997

Leave me your number in a message and I will add you back :D


Dreams.... again :P

Sooo... over the course of the past few days, I have had a series of dreams which I feel is worth remembering even if only slightly.

The dreams all had the same premise. I was in a relationship with someone who was married, had children, and was completely a taboo for him. They all had various plots about being subversive and clever about spending any time together and keeping it all a very hush hush secret. I didn't mind all of this at all, though was sad that I could never actually have a "pure" relationship with just him. Like the ultimate in having to share, there was no room for jealousy or possessiveness. No ability for becoming co-dependent. In a sense it was my ideal relationship but lacking the primary concept of togetherness... if that makes any sense.

In my observations of relationships both my own and many many others, common elements for relationships passing past the basic stages of lust have one of those extra pieces... a need that has to be filled. There has to be something that the other person fills for it to even solidify to the state of jello let alone cement or beyond as far as stability is concerned. Not that it is a bad thing to have a need that someone else can fill, but it is part of the reason I think that some people are never meant to be in relationships... It isn't that such people don't have needs that can be filled by others, it is just that the ties that bind them to others aren't tying them to the same location too.

So yeah.... why would I have a repeat dream of this.... that is what I am so curious about...

OOooo Sex dream! :P

So in the 10 minutes before my alarm went of this morning, the dreams were great :) lol at least they started out great... Due to some mental abstraction or maybe lack of attention on my part, my "partner" kept changing appearance, but the old version of their appearance never disappeared, and it eventually turned into an orgy of sorts... of what seemed to be teachers...

ANYWAYS, the dream turned into a nightmare after I hit the snooze button... There is no party killer like going down on a guy and they turn into a woman... Needless to say over the course of seconds, all the guys in the room wilted, and then popped in this crazy uber dork of a teacher dressed in a leather harness and leather jock strap looking thing that started in with the ladies, and I so tooooooootally had to wake up :D

There is nothing more nauseating than almost going down on a muff :P ugh... I am feeling ill now from that retelling of the story :D no offense to the girls :P lol just not my cup o tea :D